Building Information Modelling

1. BIM Services in Precast Technology

1.1 Automation of Checking of Tonnage of Panels as per Crane Capacity

1.2 Advanced Generation of Shop Drawings from 3D BIM Model

1.3 Use of 3D BIM Model for Facilities Management

1.4 Extraction of Detailed BOQ Using 3D BIM Model

1.5 MEP Clash Detection

BIM is a building construction technology that is in trend. Since the construction process costs too much and any of the minor changes can waste a lot, so to eliminate this we use 3D simulation software like Google Sketch Up and Revit for digitally describing the physical and functional characteristics before going further to the actual construction. It also presents a mechanism of yielding details that can be utilized to make judgments during the building construction lifecycle, from inception to completion.

We are in the business for over a decade and have served hundreds of global clients with our highly effective, productive, and proven approaches using Building Information Modeling software to optimize the designs, plans, and installation of MEP systems for energy-efficient and compact construction projects.

Our customers appreciate the cost and time savings that Building Information Modeling can deliver to their plans. Our knowledge and expertise employing this vibrant modeling technology enable our valued clients to acquire an abundance of advantages throughout the complete project proceeding from the original design to smooth and continuous operation.