Who We Are

SLABS Engineering Private Limited (SLABS) has been synonymous with quality engineering and architectural solutions since its inception in 2012. The consultancy successfully rises to design challenging projects and array of services which addresses the real needs of clients in both public and private sectors.

The name of our business is evolved using an engineering vocabulary SLAB ,and also symbolizes as LAB which means our every solution is research based and next to accurate is what we provide to our clients.

Having experienced in various international firms across the globe , SLABS Engineering Private Limited (SLABS) has seen its inception in May, 2014. Our office is at present located in Pune.

We truly believe in doing creative work and marking our footprint in the construction industry. Our approach to business is always aimed to deliver solutions based on the cornerstones of sustainability, environmental integrity, economic viability, social welfare and efficient resource utilization. It embodies our spirit of team working and creativity, our fundamental belief in sustainability and our global reach. It highlights the key role that we, along with our clients and collaborators, play in shaping the built environment.